Real-time Data Delivery Network

For Maximum Uptime & Lowest Latency Of Enterprise Web & Mobile Applications.

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Apakau Geo-Distributed Data Delivery Network Provides

Maximum Uptime

Reduces the risk of outages caused by traffic spikes and DDoS attacks.

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Lowest Data Latency

Delivers data to web and mobile users from a geo-distributed network to assure the lowest data latency.

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Easy To Adopt & Use

Works alongside a content delivery network (CDN) and/or an application delivery controller (ADC) to lower latency and maximize uptime.

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Lower Scalability Costs

Eliminates the need for new data centers and for over-provisioning to match the growth of your user base.

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Powerful Dashboard

Dashboard manages, monitors and controls your data traffic in real-time with full visibility on the geo-distributed network.

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Enterprise-grade Security

Provides enterprise-grade security with end-to-end encryption from an application server all the way to a client application.

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